Stephanie Plum meets Moonlighting, meets Castle, with the sexual tension of Cheers

Red and yellow roses abandoned on a wet sandy beach.

I love stories that involve romance. 

I love stories that involve intriguing mysteries. 

And I especially love books, TV shows, and movies that combine romance and mystery. 

I also know that I’m not alone—if book seller lists, social media posts, and fan websites are any indication. 

Every book in the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich, who just published book thirty, always ends up on the New York Times Best Seller list, and rightfully so. Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum always wins in the end, and the romantic and sexual tension between her and two men vying for her affection is pure fun.  

I was a huge fan of the T.V. show Moonlighting, starring Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis. So, when the show Castle came on, it immediately became my favorite. I read somewhere that the sexual tension between the character of crime novelist Rick Castle and police detective Kate Beckett was so hot, they should have been arrested for arson. That made me laugh because it was so true. The show was also extremely popular, with many fan websites devoted to it, and I followed them all.

I was sad when Castle ended, and then thrilled when a new version of Magnum P.I. came on a few years ago because I immediately sensed it would involve romance. That’s because the character of Jonathan Higgins, featured in the original series starring Tom Selleck, became Juliette Higgins in the new updated series, starring Jay Hernandez and Perdita Weeks. I was right. The romance developed slowly as Thomas Magnum and “Higgy” solved crimes together every week for five seasons, making the romantic and sexual tension building between the two super fun to watch.

Sadly, this new Magnum P.I. series recently ended, despite being hugely popular in the ratings. Fans are so sad to see the show go, that for months billboards on Times Square in New York City have been begging for a season six. The show first ran on CBS, then on NBC, and fans are now campaigning for a new network or streaming service to pick it up.

I hope they succeed! Stories that combine romantic and sexual tension with mystery are special, and don’t come along every day. 

Which is why, as a novelist (, I created my Story Smith Mystery series, featuring gutsy rooky female private eye, Story Smith, and her handsome and experienced competitor, Steve Evans.

 Never on Monday is book one, and I’m planning to launch Tuesday Means Trouble soon.

Since I also love history, the series takes place in 1955 Philadelphia, which has been fun to write. 

As has the slow-build romance, and the twisty, intriguing, thriller mysteries that Story and Steve strive to solve while risking danger at every sizzling turn.

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