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  • His Haven

    Love, lust, and danger in sin-soaked 1923 Miami Beach. A thrilling romantic suspense about love, trust, and facing down fear. It’s Prohibition in sunny, sultry Florida, and Haven Henderson is enjoying her career as a jazz singer in the Roaring Twenties-world of speakeasies, rumrunning, money, real estate moguls, and mayhem. Until her twin sister is…

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  • Beacon Beach

    Love blooms at a seaside resort in 1886 A grand, Gilded Age love story set in Cape May, New Jersey — America’s first seaside resort. Beautiful, young Jacy James summers at the seaside in 1886. Spunky and determined, she catches the attention of handsome convalescent Cole Stratton, who has come there to regain his health….

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  • Mercy’s Way

    Loss and love on the Oregon Trail in 1845 Mercy Montgomery, risks her life on the perilous Oregon Trail to marry a widower with children, a man she has never met. Traveling across the continent with wagon master Luke Owen by her side, storms, accidents and near-starvation test her courage. From the moment they meet,…

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  • Romancing the Holidays, a First Coast Romance Writers Anthology Volume 2

    Holidays are made for romance, and this collection of short stories features fourteen happily-ever-after tales. Maggie FitzRoy’s historical romantic suspense, “Christmas Peril, Christmas Promise,” takes place in 1954 Maine. Heiress Piper Harrington plans her 1954 Christmas Day wedding to actor Landon Lyons at a snowy lodge in Maine. But things turn dark, doubtful, and dangerous….

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  • Romancing the Holidays, a First Coast Romance Writers Anthology Volume 1

    Holidays are made for romance, and this collection of short stories features a dozen happily-ever-afters from Labor Day through Valentines Day. Maggie FitzRoy’s sweet historical romance, “His Christmas Rose,” takes place in Victorian-era Vermont: Penniless and alone, young Rose Robinson accepts a position as caretaker to the matriarch of a wealthy Vermont family just before…

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roses on the beach

From Beacon Beach…

red roses

…Certain her cheeks must be flushed and her hair a mess, she suddenly realized she had completely forgotten about her bonnet. It was probably back on the beach, or bobbing up and down on a wave somewhere.

Catching a glimpse of herself in the floor-to-ceiling mirror in the entryway, she gasped.

“Cole…I look a fright.”

He flashed her his boyish grin. “Well…your hair is a wild tangle of curls. Quite fetching, actually.”

“Cole…” she whispered. “What are people going to say?”

“Too late to worry about that now,” he whispered back. “Shhh…I hear voices, people coming down the stairs. I think one of them might be your aunt.”

He was right. Aunt Helen rounded the last turn of the grand stairway leading from the upper floors and when she saw them, her mouth dropped open.

Poppy, bounding down the steps right behind her, stared at them, wide-eyed.

red roses along a wooden background

From Mercy’s Way…

Luke didn’t have to be persuaded to go see Shoshone Falls…

Numerous falls converged into one majestic show of nature as they rushed with tremendous force over a rocky cliff into the Snake River.

A refreshing mist of droplets cooled Mercy’s face as she delighted in the thunderous sight. Wrapped up in the moment, she felt insignificant and gloriously alive at the same time. She was startled when Luke touched her arm.

“Isn’t it …,” she started to say. Then she saw they were alone. The others had gone on ahead. Her heart jumped.
“Luke, we –“

“Shhh…” He reached for her and looked deeply into her eyes. His hands were warm, in contrast to the cool spray showering them. She could feel the throbbing of his heart in his palms.

Suddenly, she no longer cared where she was. She no longer heard the roar of the falls. She no longer felt the mist on her face. She no longer saw the glorious loveliness of her surroundings.

She was only aware of the sound of blood pounding in her ears, Luke’s strong hands holding hers, and the desire in his eyes.

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