Never on Monday

Cover of Never on Monday by Maggie FitzRoy

A fun to read romantic thriller…

It’s the summer of 1955 in Philadelphia and newly-licensed private investigator Story Smith is ready for action, ready for adventure, and gunning to prove she has what it takes to succeed— even though she still needs to buy a gun and learn how to use it. 

Her competitor, highly experienced P.I. Steve Evans, dismisses her as a naïve blonde in heels, who’s not going to last long in a man’s business. And Story suspects the arrogant gumshoe might be right. Then a prominent physician hires her to find his missing wife, and Story’s eager to prove Steve wrong. 

During her investigation, she learns the spoiled wife is not the saint her wealthy husband believes, and that finding her means following a trail littered with danger, deception, and mystery. Reluctantly teaming up with Steve, who’s working as a bodyguard for a key witness, Story sets out on a quest for the truth.

A quest that includes road trips, a cross-country flight, hidden identities, blackmail, red herrings, suspense, revenge, and murder.

But collaborating with Steve propels Story into even deeper peril. 

Because when sparks fly between her and her handsome competitor, she knows she’s putting her heart in danger along with her life.

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