• It All Started with a Song

    It All Started with a Song

    Beacon Beach refers to a real place that flourished in 1886, when my historical romance, “Beacon Beach,” took place. It still exists today, linking the towns of Cape May and Cape May Point, at the very southern tip of New Jersey.No one in real life, however, calls the stretch of sand, sea and dunes linking…

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  • Why Romance?

    Why Romance?

    My journey to becoming a romance writer was a long one, but it was still challenging, rewarding and fun. It began when I realized, to my surprise, that I am at heart a storyteller. And then, when I finally gave myself permission to try fiction, that my favorite stories involve romance. I began earning money…

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  • The First Real Oregon Trail Pioneers

    The First Real Oregon Trail Pioneers

    When I decided to set my historical romance novel, “Mercy’s Way,” on the Oregon Trail, I chose the year 1845. Historically, that was actually the third year pioneers traveled the route. By then, several wagon train caravans had taken part: I wanted my characters to be early participants, but not the first. In 1843, the…

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