Beacon Beach

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Love blooms at a seaside resort in 1886

A grand, Gilded Age love story set in Cape May, New Jersey — America’s first seaside resort. Beautiful, young Jacy James summers at the seaside in 1886. Spunky and determined, she catches the attention of handsome convalescent Cole Stratton, who has come there to regain his health. Jacy and Cole become friends — and then much more —until jealousy, collusion and a secret from Jacy’s past threaten to destroy her newfound happiness.

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Wonderful Historical Romance!

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Janet L. Yunghans

A great beach read!

I just finished reading Maggie FitzRoy’s second novel, Beacon Beach. It’s perfect reading for a summer day. It takes you back in time to 1886 in the seaside town of Cape May, NJ. Maggie does a great job of describing resort life in the Victorian times as the romance of Jacy and Cole blossoms.

Joan Casebeer

Suspense around every corner!

I like to read historical fiction that is accurately researched and presented so realistically that I feel like I am there, and Maggie does that. In addition, this book has a witty plot that kept me on the edge, full of surprises as the pages turned. But what I loved the most about this novel were the characters, their challenges, dreams, and approaches to life that led them on to accomplish the nearly impossible, time after time. Can hardly wait to open Maggie’s third!


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Excerpt from Beacon Beach…

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...Certain her cheeks must be flushed and her hair a mess, she suddenly realized she had completely forgotten about her bonnet. It was probably back on the beach, or bobbing up and down on a wave somewhere.
Catching a glimpse of herself in the floor-to-ceiling mirror in the entryway, she gasped.
“Cole…I look a fright.”
He flashed her his boyish grin. “Well…your hair is a wild tangle of curls. Quite fetching, actually.”
“Cole…” she whispered. “What are people going to say?”
“Too late to worry about that now,” he whispered back. “Shhh…I hear voices, people coming down the stairs. I think one of them might be your aunt.”
He was right. Aunt Helen rounded the last turn of the grand stairway leading from the upper floors and when she saw them, her mouth dropped open.
Poppy, bounding down the steps right behind her, stared at them, wide-eyed.

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